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American Belly Dance Club

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“Get your body out of the way and let your spirit soar!”

– Ibrahim Farah.

American Belly Dance Club was created to be able to share the art form of belly dance with others in our community.  The Club sponsors classes, workshops, and lectures to educate members and to both introduce and explore the different styles of belly dance. The Club also sponsors Haflas [or sometimes hafli, which loosely means "party" in Arabic] to provide performance opportunities for all active Club members.

Can I join?  Of Course, we encourage and invite anybody interested in belly dance to join.  Any style of Belly Dance, any experience level from Beginners through Professionals who are willing to participate in club events and share their interest in the dance are encouraged to join!

What are the benefits? The benefits of joining are that members get free or discounted price  on all club sponsored workshops. If interested, members are invited to perform in club sponsored shows   Teachers in the club will be asked on occasion to do a free class for club members so that our membership can experience the different styles and techniques that all our teachers have to offer.

How do I join?  To join as a new member, we need a completed application and membership dues.  The application can be found here: membership application (will open in new window).   For $25 (slightly discounted) membership, please submit the application and enclose your check or money order made payable to the American Belly Dance Club and mail to the address found on the application page.  For $26 membership, you can pay using the PayPal link  or QRL Code on the right. Make sure you pay your dues by January 1 of each calendar year!

American Belly Dance Club