American Belly Dance Club

WildCard BellyDance returns

October 8-9th, 2016

There will be 4 Wild Workshops that you can take advantage of, grab your scimitar and your zills and get ready for one of the best weekends in October!  This year's Fall Hafla will be with Special Guests, WildCard Belly Dance! We have not combined a big Hafla with special guests in some time, and we are thrilled to bring that back this Fall Hafla.  This years Fall Hafla will be located at the Cocoa YMCA which is very close to the WildCard Workshop location.  If you would like to dance at this show please email ABDCHalfaInfo and you will be sent the electronic form to fill out. All Hafla information needs to be turned in by September 10, 2016.

American Belly Dance Club

has a goal to create a place to share the art form of belly dance with others in our community.  Anyone interested in the Middle Eastern Dance and its vast variations and flavors are encouraged and welcomed to join! 

The Club sponsors classes, workshops, and lectures to educate members and to introduce and explore the different styles of belly dance. The Club also sponsors Haflas [or sometimes hafli, which loosely means "party" in Arabic] to provide performance opportunities for all active Club members. And there is a monthly newsletter that is sent out to all club members which contains club sponsored activities and other events/workshops happening elsewhere in the Central Florida Area.