American Belly Dance Club

                                                          IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!
Hello dancers!!!
This pandemic has really made an impact on so many different things we had planned. Our shows, our classes, our get togethers for fun and laughter, they all have been delayed and/or cancelled. However, so many have taken to the internet to see each other's faces, have virtual dance parties, virtual lunches and dinners; we are lucky to be in the technology age we are in today.  
Stay positive, continue to keep smiling, keep encouraging each other and helping each other out.  The American Belly Dance Club is a tribe of ladies and gentlemen like no other out there and we are proud to be part of this Club.  As soon as the schools open back up we should be able to get a new date for our Hafla/show, we just have to be a little patient right now.
Be Healthy and stay safe!!!

Welcome to the American Belly Dance Club!

‚ÄčWe are on Facebook too: American Belly Dance Club

Stay tuned for updated information on the April Hafla!

American Belly Dance Club has a goal to create a place to share the art form of belly dance with others in our community.  Anyone interested in the Middle Eastern Dance and its vast variations and flavors are encouraged and welcomed to join! 

The Club sponsors classes, workshops, and lectures to educate members and to introduce and explore the different styles of belly dance. The Club also sponsors Haflas [or sometimes hafli, which loosely means "party" in Arabic] to provide performance opportunities for all active Club members. And there is a monthly newsletter that is sent out to all club members which contains club sponsored activities and other events/workshops happening elsewhere in the Central Florida Area. 

You can also visit us on Facebook: American Belly Dance Club for real time updates on future events/workshops and we hope to see you in one of the many classes that are offered by our talented teachers :) 

Zagareet!  Keep Dancing!