American Belly Dance Club


American Belly Dance Club is giving away a FULL RIDE ticket to Festival of the Nile International (to include a pass to compete in the Rising Star Category). 

Any member who have paid their dues for 2023 by April 1, 2023 will have their name entered into the drawing!  Not sure if your dues are paid?  Email us at 


Winner will be announced ​ April 2, 2023

 Mark your calendars dust off your costumes and let's dance. Can not wait to see what you have been working on!!


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American Belly Dance Club

American Belly Dance Club

The American Belly Dance Club has a goal to create a place to share the art form of belly dance with others in our community. Anyone who is interested in the art of Middle Eastern Dance and its vast variations and flavors are encouraged and most welcome!  We invite you to join a community that has been around for almost 20 years. Celebrating the diversity and talent of all of its members.  

The club sponsors classes, workshops, and lectures to educate members where they are introduced and get to explore the different styles of belly dance.  

In addition to the workshops and classes, the Club sponsors Haflas/Hafli which loosely means "party" in Arabic to provide opportunities to its members the opportunity to perform!

We strive to send out regular newsletters which gives information on all the different happenings/workshops and more around the Central Florida area.  

Please visit our membership page, sign up and we hope to see you soon!!

Keep Shimmying

~American Belly Dance Club